Who we are

Cibao Cloud Technologies (CCT) is an Information and Communications Technology startup specializing in leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Modeling to improve the performance of our clients’ assets and operations. Simply stated, we work with you to obtain better results from your existing data and connected enterprise assets.

For many organizations, blindly collecting massive amounts of data and storing it in hyperscale databases does not lead to better outcomes.

We have found that the solution is to design models and write software programs that, to the extent possible, produce the desired behavior from a small set of instructions rather than a vast table. The result is better conversion rates of data monetization, simpler operations, and faster time to solutions.

There are many examples showing that this can be done successfully. For example, the huge tables of square roots used by engineers in the 1970s have now been replaced by a simple five-line program on electronic calculators. The question is, can we leverage AI to do the same to solve our most immediate business and operational problems? We know the answer is yes.

Through the application of simple, model-based, goal, utility, and learning agents, we can maximize the expected value of any performance metric. Automated algorithms can improve the agent's behavior through diligent study of their own experiences, after making observations about their environment.

Proprietary solutions that we offer

Artificial Intelligence

For your complex challenges, we can adapt the tools of Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Chatbots and Search Optimization to your business and operational environment. Through the Data Vertex analytics solution we filter and abstract 99% of the static data to reveal the 1% most important active data that impacts your performance metrics.


By designing and building simplified models we can take any intractable problem and deliver an actionable decision-making and recommendations engine. We can build operational, business, and technical models that eliminate the complexity of your environment and informs your actions.


To stay ahead of the competition in your industry, we can advise you on trends, strategic intelligence, and digital transformation through Connected Enterprise Platforms (Cloud, IoT and Edge Computing).